Merkel receives ‘Dutch’ statue farewell in Brussels

After 16 years and 107 EU summits, Merkel was dubbed a “monument” when she left. Michel said Merkel’s wisdom would be lost, especially in difficult times. Most of the summits were held in the Europa building. The “miniature art version” of this building has distinctive features.

“In the middle of the building there is the shape of a lantern. There is this in the middle of the art object. For the facade, they recycled windows from all over Europe, which I also included in the artwork. In the back there is the copper structure and the center represents the heart of Europe.”

Duterte was already aware that Merkel would receive the statuette today. “I think it’s cool,” he says, “I’ve been exhausting myself all day.”

Obama video

Besides Michel, other government leaders have also considered Merkel’s departure from Brussels. Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said he would miss the German “leveling machine” very much. There was praise from outside the European Union. Former US President Obama also used the time to record a farewell video for Merkel.

“I felt honored to be your partner in addressing a series of crises for our people,” Obama said. “I was happy to be your friend.”

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