Mexican promoter: “If Perez wins the race, the country will go crazy!”

Alejandro Soberon is the president of the company behind the Mexican Grand Prix called CIE. He thinks Mexico would be all on fire if Sergio Perez won the race on behalf of Red Bull. The Mexican driver starts the Grand Prix in fourth place and certainly not without a chance for an all-out victory.

Due to the circumstances, his chances may be a little lower, with teammate Max Verstappen vying for the world title, but it is simply a fact that Checo has provided completely sold-out stands in the Mexican capital. Soberon narrates in conversation with a selection of media, including Racing News 365, that his country will become unruly if Perez wins the race.

“If Checo really ends up on the podium, we’ll see crazy things, it will be complete mad. I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know, but I think everyone will take to the streets.

Perez is important to medical practitioners in Mexico and the United States

Perez raced not only in Mexico, but also in Texas, where there have been races for two years, the reason for the appearance of completely sold-out stands was also. At least that’s what Soberon thinks. “Austin also has his own driver: Perez. Chico is a big driver in the Latin American community in the US, and this will ensure a lot of ticket sales.”

said the Mexican promoter, who must admit that Perez’s departure from the sport could have a negative impact.

“There are some young Mexican drivers who look very promising. Mexico has produced a lot of great drivers, but I think Perez wants to continue for a few more years. The energy of the fans because of Checo is incredible. It’s not only positive for Mexico, but Formula 1 in general. An interesting addition,” Soberon said.

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Netflix effect

Not only Perez himself, but also the Netflix series Drive to Survive, according to Sopron, caused an increase in interest in this sport. Although all races have been sold out since 2016, tickets have been flying over the counter faster than usual in recent years.

“The race has been sold out since 2016, but it is true that we have never sold so quickly. It is due to a combination of factors. Of course it is one thing to lead Checo in Red Bull, but secondly you also have Netflix. Broaden the horizon and also bring in new supporters for these Sports “.

“In addition, there are many women who did not have an interest in this sport in the past, but are now very passionate. Netflix has been very successful in Formula 1. It makes it easier to understand, easier to understand. It is not always about the race winner, Because there are so many different stories. It’s a very beautiful thing and has had a huge impact in other markets as well. In Mexico, everyone is looking forward to next season, to see Checo in his current role,” he concludes.

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