Michelle Obama gets her kids show on Netflix

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama could soon be admired in a new cooking show on the Netflix streaming service. Jeroen Muse not to worry about: the cooking show is made for kids.

The former first lady is the star and executive producer of the new Netflix series Waffle + mochi, Which will be available on the broadcast platform next month. It targets a younger audience and talks about two dolls, Waffles and Mochi, trying to become chefs. Obama plays a shopkeeper who helps them with that.

“ I am so happy to be a part of this funny and intimate show. Obama says, and I’m not saying it just because of the shopping cart flying around. I hoped so Waffle + mochi I was there when my daughters were growing up because it’s kind of fun to watch as a family. It gives parents peace of mind when they know that their young children are also learning something.

Healthy eating habits

Obama also describes the series as an extension of her work as a former First Lady to promote a healthy lifestyle for children. We know everyone loves good food and a good story. And that’s exactly what our curious and adventurous heroes have to offer, whether they are exploring the potential of potatoes, the world of canning, or the art of cleaning a broken egg.

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Netflix said in a statement that with the help of Obama and the Magic Flying shopping cart as their guide, Weaver and Mocci set out on a world tour. During that journey, they discovered new ingredients, different international cuisines, restaurants, farms and families from all over the world. In collaboration with famous chefs, home chefs, children and celebrities, they learn how to prepare dishes using everyday ingredients.

Obama production house

The show was created by Higher Ground Productions, the new production house of Michelle and her husband, Barack Obama. In 2018, the Obama family signed a multi-year contract with Netflix for an unknown but undoubtedly high amount to produce films, series, and documentaries.

Waffle + mochi It can be watched on Netflix starting March 16th and currently has ten twenty-minute episodes.

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