Microsoft Flight Simulator has 97 GB of space on Xbox Series X consoles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon be available on Xbox Series X/S and requires a huge install size to play.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard Edition requires at least 97.2 GB of free space on Xbox Series X/S consoles, which is approximately 12% of the total 802 GB of available SSD storage. This information can be found through the Pre-install section of the game’s general purchase page.

The most interesting thing is that the listing for the Microsoft Store on the console says that the size of the game is estimated at 147.6 GB, and this size is included for all versions of the game – Standard, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe. While this may sound like a lot, remember it Over 2.5 petabytes of card data It is streamed to Flight Sim players via Azure servers. Flight Sim also benefits from Series X / Ss Machine learning inference capabilities.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most demanding games on PC, but Asobo has released a new update Doubles frame rates in specific scenes. The team has optimized Flight Sim to run at base 4K 30FPS on consoles due to the challenging nature of the game.

Flight Sim will launch on Series X/S consoles on July 27 and is free on Xbox Game Pass.

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