Midas and love? He is only interested in her.

Kiki Faber – Upstairs Daughter-in-law – has a big dream: to make a career as a singer. Until then he has been working as an employee. She sees relationships as complex: does love and lust go together?


Since I no longer have to work in the evenings, I occasionally see the crown in Helens. Then the two of us sit on the sofa under a blanket and Joost, who is sleeping between us, releases the sometimes disgusting murmur. I do not like the royal family much, but Helene loves all of the glitter, rules and frenzy, and I enjoy watching with her. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he said, “Midas was here today.”

The drum rolls on my chest, but I casually say, ‘Oh really? How was he?’

‘Not so good. He looked tired, smelling the weeds. He misses you, he said.

He also sent me a text message. Plus it’s a very long story about what art is, I don’t understand it and much more. This made me very angry and I did not even answer.

She scratches Justin’s stomach and says, “He loves you, he said.” I pass my hands and watch meticulously as Elizabeth and George travel around Australia in the open carriage. Midas and love? He is only interested in her. “Why not give him another chance?”

I did not answer, but get up. “Do you want some more tea?”

She looks at me anxiously. “I think it’s a shame that something nonsense has come between you.”

‘It’s a two to three meter thing otherwise. And I don’t want to talk about it anymore. ‘

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“Well, I’ll not say anything anymore.” And she locks her mouth and pretends to give the key to Justin. I have to laugh again thinking of it.


Finn and his clever, beautiful and dear friend Arsu organized a Santa Claus dice game that everyone should buy three prizes for. I put them on the pile and then Arsu pushed a large cup of chocolate with the rum in my hands. Where should I sit? I do not know anyone here. ‘Hi Geek!’ Says my ex Alexandro. ‘How are you?’
Fit or tell me how it really is? I choose the latter and tell them that I occasionally sing in the studio, but mainly work in a cafe. “And in love it sucks.”

He thinks it’s fun. But my honesty is to make sure he is there too and sit down and chat until the game starts. If you roll a certain number, you can pick up a gift, move it with another number or you have to give it. The scent candle I want to keep is, but I won a jar of mud, a fluorescent pink toothbrush, condoms and a silk key ring. After a while, I cycled home alone in the rain. I’m wearing a water – soaked jacket, my hand hurts in the cold. Suddenly I feel so helpless, I have to cry so hard.

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