Mieke Zijl relieves Hans de Lang of the position of Director of SportDrenthe

Mieke Zijl succeeds Hans de Lang as SportDrenthe Manager. Photo: SportDrenthe.

Hans de Lang will step down as SportDrenthe director on Friday. He is succeeded by Mickey Zajal.

Hans de Lang began his career at SportDrenthe in 1982 as a Sporttechisch Kader consultant for STK Drenthe, which was still a subsidiary of SportDrenthe. He has been active as a director of the foundation since 1998.

Forty years of service

SportDrenthe has represented sports interests in the province of Drenthe since 1968. De Lang has been in the business for nearly forty years. I will definitely turn forty. That’s until August next year, and until then I’ll still be working at SportDrenthe. I made a very conscious decision to take a step back at this point and transition into my role as Managing Director. This way I can guide Mickey in the tasks and responsibilities assigned to her. I have had the opportunity to work in this organization for almost my entire career. My heart is in sports in Drenthe. In this way I can say goodbye to it gradually and at the same time continue to contribute. For a number of years, Mickey has shown, both internally and externally, to be the perfect successor.”

Mickey Zil

Zijl joined SportDrenthe in 2006 and has worked on topics such as BIOR, sports events and politics. In recent years, she has played a prominent role within the organization as Project and Operations Manager and has overseen numerous projects at both the policy and executive levels.

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