Miele X opens the innovative, performance-driven community space

Amsterdam’s newest hotspot ‘The Valley’, known for its architectural awards and sustainable features, is the new home for Miele X: the global digital hub supporting the Miele Group in creating and expanding their digital heritage. The company is now officially opening the doors to its inspiring, innovative and sustainable community space.
“We thought about the ‘office of the future’ and built our new community space around this vision. With the aim of responding to changes and developments in our world. The new space was delivered on time, on budget and with smart, sustainable solutions. For example, 20% of the furniture is refurbished. The space The community is open to Miele colleagues from all over the world. We invite them to come and discover their place here,” says Kurt Simon Harlinghausen, Managing Director of Miele X.

Amsterdam, 17th May 2023 – From their brand new home in ‘The Valley’, Miele X aims to deliver digital experiences that engage and delight Miele customers around the world. The new community space, at 2,000 square metres, is six times the size of the previous workplace. These additional square meters provide space to inspire the diverse workforce in Miele’s digital hub. It is a place that stimulates efficiency, creativity, collaboration and communication. Let’s take a tour.

When the elevator doors open, you are welcomed by the tiny Millie Museum, which displays 124 years of history. Behind a glass wall, you can see the brand’s most iconic inventions, such as the historic vacuum cleaner and one of the first washing machines. As you walk through this journey through the past you enter the spacious, bright and inviting lobby. When you look through the glass walls and doors, you really do peek into the heart of the community space.

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Dream kitchen
Your Miele X host will first serve you a drink from the kitchen fully stocked with Miele appliances. You can choose from all types of coffee or tea (in a delicious pre-heated cup), a refreshing glass of filtered water or completely chilled soft drinks. At lunchtime, Millie X’s classmates use the kitchen to prepare meals. The fresh herbs come straight from the green room, which is conveniently located next to the cooking islands. In the in-house Miele Experience Center, employees can use many Miele products. For example, washers and dryers are already very popular: employees regularly take their clothes to the office and leave home with fresh clothes at the end of the day.

Meeting rooms and inspiration
In the community space there are several meeting rooms. One of these is the green room, a greenhouse next to the cooking islands, where you can come together among fresh herbs and green plants. Around the galley you’ll find open workspaces, smaller call booths and soundproofed meeting rooms for up to four people. Less traditional, and as a celebration of the different nationalities that Miele X has to offer, are the unique hangout areas. Think Indian tuk-tuk and Austrian ski cabin. For video conferencing with a large group of people, the Silbersaal Indoor 360 Meeting Room is the perfect place. This lively, dynamic space was created to provide the ultimate meeting experience and is described as ‘inclusive, stimulating and connected’. Using furniture and technology in a 360-degree arrangement, up to twelve people can connect together for a video call. Various innovations make it possible to get as close as possible to a face-to-face meeting. Like the rest of the community space, Silbersaal contains many plants to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Comprehensiveness and luxury
“We call our new workplace a community space rather than an office. An office is where you come and go. This is much more than that. We have developed an environment where you feel at home, inspiring people and offering you various amenities that enhance their well-being. I see collaboration As a muscle that makes us strong, it’s all about the right balance between cultural diversity, experiences and skills, explains Kurt Simon Harlinghausen.

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A number of the facilities mentioned by Harlinghausen can be found in a quieter area near the Quiet Zone where people can work in peace and focus. One door leads to a recreation room, where people can meditate or practice their faith. There is also a private rest room for parents. There is also a recreation room where you can do yoga and there are also two sleeping cabins for those who need a nap.

Kurt Simon Harlinghausen continues: “MelleX is a performance community, and we strive to be efficient in everything we do. We are tech savvy and have put in place the best digital and efficient solutions to do our work. But most importantly, the human dimension. We are nothing without talented people That’s why we’ve created this inspiring environment for them, where they can work, learn, share knowledge – and get the best out of themselves while still learning and staying curious.”

Nice place to be
When you walk around, you notice that this space – and everything in it – is of the highest quality. At the same time, it feels balanced due to the many plants, gentle lighting, soft materials, muted colors, and unique items from around the world. It is a warm, welcoming and inspiring place that staff and guests care about.

Jyoti Kushwaha, a front-end engineer, moved from India for her role at Miele X and says the new community space helped her feel at home here: “When I moved to Amsterdam for this job, I often decided to go into the office to meet people. Meet and learn more about the company. The open arrangement of all areas makes it very easy to strike up a conversation with others. My colleagues are really nice and gave me useful information about the company and the city. I can say that the new community space, along with the wonderful people here, gives me a sense of belonging, which made my transition easier.”

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Jiaging Zhong, Miele’s Project Marketing and Sales Manager, is based in Germany and was one of the first international colleagues to visit Miele X’s new home. She describes her visit as revealing, with an emphasis on a sense of community: “I really like the environment that is open and inviting. It encourages communication and enjoyment with each other while working together. The different spaces, each with specific purposes and needs, contribute to efficiency within a community space. It really feels like An office that never “finishes”.

“We’ve had an exciting journey. Finding a home to fit the iconic Miele brand, creating a concept for our perfect community space and developing it. Right up to the moment we first started using it. Today we are officially operational. I am humbly proud of the result and truly believe our new community space brings together between work, culture and human values,” says Harlinghausen. “Now that the ‘100 days without complaints’ period is over, we’re ready to take feedback so we can make our community space even better,” he adds, with a smile.

More information can be found at miele-x.com

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