Mike Fauben improves after 18 years from the Dutch 3000m record sport

The 24-year-old ran a time of 7.42.55, nearly two seconds faster than the Liefers in 2003. Nevertheless, he continues his summer 2020 season breakthrough by leveling the Dutch outdoor record at 5,000 meters from his helpless Camille.

“I think it could be more difficult,” says Faubin. “This was a really crazy race as the lap clock indicated a shorter turn than it actually was. Fortunately, I noticed it in time.” And in a sense of simplification: “Anyway, another small step forward.”

Last spring, the best time for Foppen was 7.49.81, and now it’s seven seconds faster. “That was to be expected. I will now go to the European Indoor Championships anyway (early March in Poland, ed). The 3000 meters is a wonderful combination of long breathing and speed.”

Before scheduling the domestic European tournaments, Foppen would first hold the indoor tournaments. Five days later, I traveled to the southern French region of Toulon for 5,000 meters in the open air. I want to run the Olympic Limit there. Then I went 3000 meters to Torún, where the European Indoor Championships are located.

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