Mike Rutherford found the latest Genesis show strange and emotional

The last concert was in London at the end of March 2022. When Mike looked at the setlist during the show, he saw that there were only four songs left to play. “When I saw it in print, I was moved,” said the guitarist. “The show was weird and emotional at the same time.”

“I tend to forget how important music is in people’s lives,” Mike said of Genesis’ farewell tour. “For example, we did a few shows in an American city where we hadn’t played in thirty years. Both nights were sold out. That proves the impact of Genesis. There was some heartache, but I really enjoyed our last tour.” Mike also said it was always great to be on stage with Phil Collins and Tony Banks, the other two members of the band.

Genesis was founded in 1967. The big success came in the 70’s. After frontman Peter Gabriel moved on on his own, Genesis scored a worldwide hit in 1978 with the song “Follow You Follow Me.” Then Phil Collins showed himself as the new frontman of the band that had dwindled to a trio. In the 1980s, Genesis had hits like Mama, Land of Confusion, and Jesus He Knows Me.

By the way, Mike doesn’t have to be bored now that Genesis is off. His second band, Mike and the Mechanics, will be touring the US starting next week. Nick Collins, son of Phil, joined as the band’s drummer.

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