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Miley Cyrus (30) has become a huge hit with her song Flowers. Any international chart you look at, he could have been number 1 for weeks. And he never performed the song live. An overview.

Can’t miss it anymore: Miley Cyrus will be No. 1 in the Dutch Top 40 tomorrow for the sixth week in a row. It also topped the list of Most Played Songs on Radio and Most Streamed Songs. Songs from the country. Whether you’ve watched it on Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes, Flowers Headed the Dutch charts.

It is no different internationally: Flowers It has been the most streamed song in the world for 45 days in a row on Spotify, reaching 500 million streams in record time (37 days). Also, Miley has now topped the chart for six weeks in a row in the US and UK, and has also topped countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. The song was released on January 13 and is still number one on Apple Music in thirty countries.

Settlement with ex

The number of live shows to promote the track is zero. With 198 million followers on Instagram, you don’t need a lot of advertising, but at least Flowers It organized itself. The song hit every showbiz website as Cyrus settled with Australian ex Liam Hemsworth, 33. The Hunger GamesThe actor got divorced three years ago.

It’s no coincidence that the break-up song came out on Liam’s birthday, Friday the Thirteenth. Rumor has it that he wrote the song during the period surrounding their divorce When I was your man (2013) Bruno Mars dedicated to Miley. Mars wrote the song for his girlfriend Jessica Gabon because he was going to miss her. There is a well-known passage in the song in which Mars, in retrospect, wishes he had done more to continue the relationship:

I should have bought you flowers
(I should have bought you flowers)

And held your hand
(to hold your hand)

Should have given you all my time
(I want to spend all my time with you)

When I got the chance
(When I get a chance)

Take yourself to every party because you love to dance
(Take yourself to every party because you want to dance so bad)

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to ask Miley Ann Flowers Responding to the same melody:

I can buy myself flowers (…)
(I can buy flowers myself)

Talk to me for hours (…)
(talking to myself for hours)

I can dance myself
(I can dance myself)

And I can hold my hand
(and hold my hand)

Cyrus ends the passage poignantly by saying, “You can love me better than you.” They’re undoubtedly addressing Liam, who earlier in the song mentions that she “saw the burning” of a house belonging to a loved one. Miley and Liam’s villa caught fire in 2018.

Free to twerk

It does not stop at words. In the catchy video for the song (good for 262 million views), Miley appears to be repeating the move that made news in 2019. On the red carpet, Miley and Liam were asked what their routine dance was like, in which Miley moved her butt against Liam’s hip. “Don’t do that, honey,” Liam replied sheepishly. “We’re on the red carpet.” In the new clip, there’s no stopping the reborn Miley.

Her singing is also unstoppable for now. Now that he is slowly losing the top spot here and there, the demo version of the song is said to be released tomorrow, which sounds very different and will undoubtedly increase the success.

Flowers Also popular as cover art by other artists. Here are the most notable fixes:

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