Miley Cyrus: This is just “a party in the US”

“I look forward to living under your leadership for the next four years,” Miley wrote on Instagram to Biden and new vice president, Kamala Harris.

Miley didn’t just think about her old beating as soon as the election results came out. Soon, a video spread on Twitter showing it as if Biden is performing the song, as Harris performs a dance and takes President Donald Trump off stage.

The election of Joe Biden as President of the United States was also well received within the Kardashians. Despite the fact that the profit may be sensitive to Kanye West, who also took part in the election, his wife Kim Kardashian and her sister-in-law Khloe are happy on social media.

Kim is committed to Instagram with a string of blue hearts with a photo of Joe Biden and his incoming deputy, Kamala Harris. Her sister responds profusely: “Oh my God, I am crying with joy !!! Bravo !!!”, she tweeted.

Pink’s singers are also “touched by tears,” but they also see a lot of work for the new president of the United States. Pink writes about the election results. In addition to her joy, Pink sees a huge challenge for Biden and Harris. This country has a lot of work to do to get together.

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