Milieudefensie: Main contributors, but Shell doesn’t take climate crisis seriously

Shell has shown today that it does not take the climate crisis seriously and has no convincing plans to implement the judge’s ruling. As a result, paralyzing human lives is endangered. Nine de Pater, campaign manager for Milieudefensie, said on Tuesday Shell’s board’s stance contrasted starkly with the vocal criticism heard inside and outside the shareholder meeting.

“Environment is pleased to see so many contributors criticizing Shell’s vague and insufficient ambitions. Unfortunately, Shell continues to violate the judge’s ruling. This puts the life of the company at riskNine de Pater says: She was in London to follow up on Shell’s annual shareholder meeting and to keep increasing pressure on the company.

There is no longer room for oil and gas exploration. Science has shown this for years and it is confirmed by the International Energy Agency. Will Shell stop approving new oil and gas production in Argentina, South Africa, Suriname and in a deep offshore field near Nigeria, for example?

Really ambitious climate plan

On behalf of 17,000 common eggs and many supporters, Milieudefendsie is asking for a truly ambitious climate plan with short-term goals. Plans that will not only allow the company to comply with wisdom and science and reduce global warming by 1.5 degrees, but also save lives. This does not only mean reducing the company’s emissions and energy purchased, as suggested by Shell. Because this plan will result in 2.5% fewer emissions. Shell is also required by the court to reduce emissions in the so-called 3 . range reductionEmissions from the use of aftermarket products. This is the biggest culprit.

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Human life is in danger

Dangerous climate change is already causing more floods, wildfires and extreme heat. With every day that Shell continues relentlessly with its dangerous emissions, more people are being threatened in their existence and their rights violated.Nine father said.

Shell has appealed the ruling, but that does not mean they can wait for the ruling. Milieudefensie and co-prosecutors from around the world look forward to this appeal with confidence.

We will not rest until Shell stops destroying

We will win this appeal, and we will not rest until Shell stops destroying lives. Shell clings to a system that has no future and they know itA . campaign manager said letter before the meeting.

As long as Shell knowingly continues to cause dangerous climate change, as long as Shell continues to threaten our lives and the lives of future generations, we are here. And dear members of the Board of Directors: We will not back down.”

environmental debt

Alagoa Morris, Director of Friends of the Earth Program in Nigeria: “Shell social responsibility is very similar to corporate social responsibility. Environmental debts arising from Shell’s negative environmental practices over the years await compensation from Shell. In Nigeria’s Ikarama community, crude oil seeps out of the ground in places Shell claims to have processed. Shell never really cleaned.

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