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You have evenings that don’t go well and you have really bad evenings. The latter applies to the participant Wouter in chasing a million dollars Yesterday evening. Over 1.4 million viewers see how Groesbeker plays far from all the big sums early in the game and gets close to coming home with a historically low prize money.

Votter decided to cancel the bags in the SBS 6 test without a prior tactic. This is a good start: the first bag he referred contains a thousand euros, a low sum in Linda de Mol’s offer. But that’s the only low amount he plays away with.

Wauter plays away 750,000 euros in the first round and in the second round everything gets worse: in a short time all the sums from 200,000 to 5,000,000 euros come out of the bags, leaving only 500,000 euros.

Wouter is convinced he can still make some money. De Mol is trying to motivate him: you can still win an impressive amount, but then you have to dare. . “We really wouldn’t do this.”

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But after a few bags, there is the next blow: €200,000 and €500,000 are also wasted. Wouter and his cousin, who he brought with him as a broadcast partner, can’t help but laugh at it. ‘We’re just laughing here, while a little drama unfolds,’ Linda replies.

For a moment, it appears that Wouter would return home for a historically low sum, if he were offered only €7,000, the lowest he had been paid in at least ten years. With seven bags on the tray and 100,000 in the game, Wouter decides to play another round. When the bank offers €14,000 in the next round, Wouter makes a surprising choice: ‘I’ll open another suitcase’, responding to Linda’s great surprise. Then Wouter might open one last travel bag.

so trust me

Then he plays the fifty cents away, leaving 100,000 euros still in the game. Reason enough for the bank to offer €21,000. An offer that Wouter eventually accepts. There is a good chance that Wouter – still laughing – will think better of his rash decisions in the future: ‘I don’t have any confidence in myself anymore.

In mid-September, a Dinxperlo resident won nearly half a million euros, with the Miljoenenjacht lottery. This week is over A citizen of Doetinchem goes home with 47,000 eurosAfter participating in the TV show.

Wouter eventually returned home with €21,000.

Wouter eventually returned home with €21,000. © SBS

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