Millions of grants for the Heerenveen Center mean the Centre’s plans will continue

The municipality of Heerenveen has received approval for the application for the “impulse shopping areas” support of more than 4 million euros. Alderman Jaap van Veen: Last September, our application for support for a vital center was rejected. After that, we worked hard to improve the application in parts and with success! We are very happy to give support now, so that we can continue to implement the plans of our center.”

About Impulse’s approach to support in shopping districts

“With the Impulse program approach to shopping districts, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency wants to encourage municipalities to transform inner-city shopping districts into future-proof areas with a solid social and economic foundation.”

For Heerenveen too, the shopping district must be – and remain – attractive to both residents and visitors. We achieve this by making good plans with entrepreneurs, residents and investors.

This support can also be used to realize more plans and ideas that came from the G1000 and G20.

Developments around Burgemeester Kuperusplein

In addition to the construction of a residential tower by WoonFriesland with 92 housing units in the social sector, a parking garage is being built under the square. Underground parking provides space for more green spaces in the square. more green space, bench space and a good bike shed; All points emerged from the operation of the G1000, for an attractive and hospitable centre.

live and shop

Living in the center gives you more dynamism. If Albert Heijn moved to BK Square, there would be better supply routes. Plus there will be more room for greenery in the other squares. More at

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Software Center Heerenveen

Residents, businessmen and the municipality want an attractive and hospitable centre. A center to live in with a nice shopping area and a good selection of restaurants. Proposals from the G1000 and G20 process – more facilities, meetings, more green spaces accessible to all – are reflected in the plans. In this way, it fits in with the three principles outlined in the center’s vision: agreement, integration, receiving, meeting, activity, and experience.

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