Millions of Texas residents without power during severe cold | Now

Millions of Texans are forced to run out of electricity when it is unprecedentedly cold. The U.S. government power grid operator is temporarily shutting down nearly 3 million customers to avoid unrestricted power outages when the record needs for electricity due to the cold.

The National Guard is used to transport the elderly to shelters. Texas Residents are helping local government agencies relocate residents to 135 winter camps set up in the U.S.’s second-largest state, Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement Monday.

The grid operator will interfere with delivery to customers. Authorities are calling for limited power consumption. Due to the cold, not all fuels can be used for generators. Bad weather also halved wind energy production.

U.S. President Biden declared a state of emergency to allow aid to Texas after the temperature measured -2 ​​to -22 degrees. With Texas, much of the United States was in the grip of winter. There was also a power outage in Louisiana, which borders Texas. Even in Mexico, at least 400,000 customers of the phase operator were without electricity.

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