Mind Peak: Can I Get Your Attention for a Minute?

Amishi Jha says that attention is a great power. with her book peak of mind It urges us to live more vigilantly, and tells us exactly how to do it.

Fifty percent of your life goes unnoticed. With this information, neuroscientist Amishi Jha begins her new book peak of mind. The reason why we are so indifferent is due to the fact that the development of our brains is driven by our survival instinct. It helps to survive when our attention fluctuates: for example, you become less attentive when you run from danger. Nowadays, this evolutionary legacy means that we are still easily distracted by ideas that are not relevant to everyday things, for example, or by all the apps on our phones.

With examples from her life and research in neuroscience, Jha shows us why it is important to live our lives with interest. Attention determines not only what we remember, but also the decisions we make and how we interact with others.

Sometimes the science in the book is shed by personal anecdotes and fantasies, but that’s partly because it’s fun and easy to read – even if the material becomes more abstract. to peak of mind Jha teaches us that attention is a valuable thing, but it is also weak. She says that in today’s technologically advanced and rapidly changing world, we live in a crisis of attention. Like money, we have only a limited amount of attention to give, give or lose; And what screams the loudest at your attention wins.

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Fortunately, you can train your attention. At the end of her book, Jha provides her readers with a practical and helpful guide to improving our ability to focus in as little as 12 minutes a day. This way we can all live without too many distractions in the future.

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