Mines in Ukraine have already killed more than 750 civilians, UK defense reports Bulgaria also considering ban on Ukrainian grain

According to Ukraine, the Russian army is increasingly using Chinese parts for its combat equipment. This will be manifested by the components on the battlefield, said Vladislav Vlasyuk, adviser to the chief of staff of the Ukrainian president.

Since sanctions imposed on Russia by the West mean that no more Western parts go that way, the country is forced to get it from somewhere else and it’s not hard to guess which country. China, of course.”

China has repeatedly denied sending military equipment to Russia. But according to Ukrainian experts, Chinese parts were found in, among other things, the navigation system of drones for which the Swiss system was previously used. It turned out that the Russian tanks are equipped with a Chinese fire control system, in which a French-made system had previously been used.

Reuters could not independently verify the information, and cannot say with certainty whether the said components may have been destined for non-military purposes or may have arrived in Russia through a third party.

When asked if Chinese companies have already supplied spare parts to the Russian military, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson replied that “China has concluded trade agreements with various countries, including Russia, over the centuries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.” As far as the export of military equipment is concerned, China’s position remains prudent and responsible, and this has never changed.”

Vlasyuk appointed China Northern Industries Group (Norinco), a Chinese arms manufacturer, as one of the suppliers. However, when asked, an employee of the company said that it “does not supply military parts to Russia.” Reuters said the Russian Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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