Minister: Driver Isaac Peekman has to go to the academy

According to the study report, the administration is not in order and schools are not able to pay their fees independently. 22.5 million of education money was also spent on non-objective matters. Most of that money has been invested in school buildings owned by the director’s trust. This is not allowed, so it must be refunded.

The quality of education at many private schools is not good enough, but at the Isaac Peekman Academy on board it is not. Between 2018 and 2020, parents paid more in parental contributions. Parents have diverted that money to language trips and school expenses, but the administrator has also spent the money on buildings that do not (or no longer) belong to school boards.

According to the ministry, forcing a driver to resign is exceptional, but this decision is necessary because there are a lot of mistakes in schools and there is no trust in this driver.

Minister Wearsma: “If you study in one of these schools, you will not always get the education you deserve, no matter how hard you try, it is fair and unacceptable. The administrator of these schools is busy with legal action. Then improve. Quality of education. I think that’s why I do everything I can to get this director fired because the students in these schools are the best. “

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