Minister van der Waal makes the Netherlands inclusive of nature

Holland is becoming more inclusive of nature. Nature and Nitrogen Minister Christian van der Waal has promised the House of Representatives. This means that we will involve nature in everything we do: in food production, housing and infrastructure.

Van der Waal shared her mission Thursday during a discussion with the Agriculture Committee on Nature. Our ambition goes beyond just preserving and enhancing nature. I want to make the Netherlands more inclusive of nature. Nature doesn’t just exist in a forest, a nature reserve, or a strip of sand dunes. It is also located in the park and in the neighborhood’s green belts.

The ambition is not limited to the Netherlands. The Cabinet also wants to promote nature conservation in Europe and beyond, for example to combat deforestation.

VVD Minister drew attention to the weakness of nature. If we wanted more of our activities and exhausted nature more, there would be holes in our ecosystem. With the nitrogen problem, we’ve seen that we’ve gone over the limit of what nature can handle. It is now important to provide breathing space for nature and for the farmer.

Highly populated

Van der Wal believes that choices must be made to address the nitrogen problem. She emphasized that the Netherlands was densely populated and had to fit in and measure space claims. “We have to realize that not everything is possible everywhere,” she said, in line with nitrogen advice from the Remkes panel.

However, the first step to breaking the nitrogen predicament is to take measures, possibly mandatory, that are legally defensible, says the minister. Only when there is a “legal imperative” can plans be implemented, that there is scope to implement the intended nitrogen approach.

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