Minnesota Professional Clubs postpone duels after the death of Don Wright | right Now

Three professional clubs from the US state of Minnesota postponed their matches on Monday due to unrest in and around Minneapolis after the death of Don Wright. The 20-year-old black man was shot dead by a police officer on Sunday.

The news in a nutshell

  • Don Wright was stopped by his car in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, on Sunday for a traffic violation.
  • Then the officers discovered that there was an arrest warrant pending against him. When they tried to arrest Wright, he resisted and got back in his car. Then one of the officers shot him. Wright died on the spot.
  • Police Chief Tim Gannon announced Monday that the officer who shot Wright mistakenly believed her firearm was an electric taser.
  • Minneapolis is where black man George Floyd was killed by white cop Derek Chauvin last year. This process is currently in full swing.

Minnesota Twins baseball players, Minnesota Timberwolves basketball players and Minnesota Wild ice hockey players will play a home match on Monday.

“Out of respect for the tragic events at the Brooklyn Center and the new details that have emerged, we have decided that it is better for our fans, our players and our city if we don’t play today’s match,” Minnesota Twins told Boston Red. Sox will play on Monday evening (Dutch time) at Prof. statement.

About an hour ago, Bodycam footage of Wright’s arrest was released mentioned Police Chief Tim Gannon at a press conference that the policeman who shot Wright mistakenly thought her firearm was an electric taser.

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“Given the events of the past 24 hours and the new information we’re hearing, playing a baseball game today was not that important,” Dave Saint Peter, president of the Twins, told the local newspaper. Star Tribune.

Last year, the competitions were closed after Jacob Blake was shot down

Timber Wolves had been scheduled to play the NBA against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, while the Minnesota Wild cut off the NHL match against the St. Louis Blues.

Last August, the NBA, MLS and MLB suspended their competitions for several days after several teams refused to play in protest over the shooting of black American Jacob Blake.

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