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Initially, the Miss Sri Lanka final, which was attended by the mayor and wife of the prime minister, went without problems. But then a participant Pushbika de Silva (35,000 followers on Instagram) were chosen as the winner, and the behind-the-scenes panic broke out. De Silva is said to be divorced and this remains a sensitive issue in conservative and multi-religious Sri Lanka.

Top Model and Previous Winner Caroline Goree (77,000 followers on Instagram) stepped onto the stage a few minutes after the initial score with an amazing ad. “There is a rule that you are married, not divorced. Now I take my responsibility by saying that the crown should go to number two. ”Gori immediately put her money where her mouth was and removed the crown from the newly elected winner, who then left the podium in a daze.

Then a quarrel broke out behind the scenes, and his photos spread on social media. The Miss Sri Lanka Organization has come under fire on Twitter. An absolute shame. How do you humiliate someone in public? If there are rules, why didn’t the jury oversee them before a candidate entered the competition? Another wrote that it was “shocking to find” that women in 2021 “cannot prosper because of their marital status.”

In particular, Caroline Goree, as a former winner, gets the wind from the front. “I am disgusted by the behavior of Gori, which is supposed to symbolize women in society,” he said. The model and other judges have yet to comment on the controversy that arose.

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Pushbika de Silva filed a complaint and reports to the police Daily News Sri Lanka correspondent On Twitter.

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