Missed message? Meteor crashes over Challant • Urger disables Leandert’s stolen forklift | House

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Peter from eifday tried The man who chased his siddhi ‘Just to keep his hands off,’ he thinks Stunned Innocent. However, he should be prosecuted.

Do you live within the Triangle? Raalte-Twello-New Hot? Only then will it be A meteor Your yard may be vandalized.

The Rate of construction of new houses However, it continues to decrease High housing shortage. But the eastern Netherlands is doing ‘surprisingly less badly’.

Leander drives Circles for ‘fun’ With a stolen forklift Illegal bars in Urk Then it goes wrong. “You drove me disabled. I wear it All my life with me.”

A changing man Suspected of killing a familyHe was driving then 250 kilometers per hour on the highway. He also captured it on his mobile phone.

The Orange Lions pre-selection Known for the World Cup this summer in Australia and New Zealand. Giga Van Es and Shanice Van de Santon Big surprises.

A financial rope To Dagenne and Marita from Deventer. 250,000 Euros They had already invested in a special sea container home, but they were probably looking There is nothing to return their savings.

contains This unique camping discovery Already from Derek from Wilp-Achterhoek? It keeps people busy. “If you look closely, it is Really different.

Then this: A motorist has unfortunately been handed over after a rear-end collision in Zwolle.

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Stenter News Roundup for Wednesday, May 31
Stenter News Roundup for Wednesday, May 31 © Koen Miskotte / Felix Guérain

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