Missing 28-year-old Natasha may have been found dead in Peru after being missing for 9 months | Abroad

A body has been found in Peru that may belong to Belgian tourist Natacha de Crombroughi, missing since January, according to various national media reports. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium does not want to confirm or deny the news. We have to wait for identification and investigation report.”

The Peruvian newspaper said the remains were Diario Koryo It was found by fishermen in the Huambo region. The remains were in an advanced state of decomposition and belonged to a blonde-haired woman. According to the newspaper, they were La Republica The river swept it.

Natasha de Crombroughi, a 28-year-old lawyer from Linkbeck, was on a tour in Peru. On Sunday evening, January 23, I arrived at La Estancia in the village of Cabanaconde. From there many tourists begin hiking to the famous “Colca Canyon”, a deep gorge in the south of the country. Previously, Natasha visited the historical mountain city of Machu Picchu.

The manager of the hostel in Cabanaconde told police that the young woman was traveling alone. The next day, the Brussels woman was to depart for a trek through the Colca Valley. So far I left alone. Natasha left some of her belongings at the inn, but she never came back from her hiking trip.

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