Missy Gray demands a new American flag | stars

According to Gray, known for multiplication #1 I Try, the current flag can be compared to the flag of the Confederate States. The 53-year-old describes science as “shattered, dated, divided and incorrect”. It no longer represents democracy and freedom. It no longer represents us all. It’s not fair to force his honor, it’s time for a new science.”

The white stripes represent purity and innocence, but Gray can’t relate to that anymore. “America is wonderful, it is beautiful. It is not pure, it is broken and torn to pieces.” So the singer believes that the stripes should not be pure white, but broken white.


The number and color of the stars is also a criticism point. Gray suggests that Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, which have long been lobbying to become US states, should also be added as stars on the flag. The total number of stars should rise to 52, according to her.

On top of that, the bright white stars should be given a new color, says Gray. “What if the stars were the color of all of us? Your skin tone and color. The blue square represents vigilance and perseverance; and the red lines represent courage. America is all of these things.”

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