Model (20) defies TikTok and ends up in hospital: ‘Don’t make the same mistake I did’ | abroad

On social media like Chinese video platform TikTok, users challenge each other to “challenges” and they aren’t always innocent, as it turns out. A new fad is the “dry scoop,” the dry scoop of pre-workout powder. This is used by athletes who want to put in an extra effort in the gym. Usually, it is mixed with water or sports drinks, in a strict maximum amount because it contains, among other things, a high dose of caffeine.

Portillo holds his pre-workout jar in front of the camera.

Portillo holds his pre-workout jar in front of the camera.

After the Florida model Portillo took her “dry dose” she quickly became nauseous and tired. “I went home and took a shower,” she said in a video clip on her TikTok account that has 375,000 followers. “Then I went to work. I was in the locker room – you all know I’m a stripper – and then my chest hurt again.”

The sweating never stops

Portillo also says she couldn’t stop sweating while wearing a bikini. “Then I knew it was a heart attack and not just my anxiety.”

She called an ambulance and ended up in the hospital. From her bed, she warned her followers not to engage in dangerous acts on social media. This resulted in over two million views. “Being young doesn’t mean we are unbeatable. Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

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