Moderate bridges and roads: Biden builds for $ 2000 billion

The amount is more than what former President Donald Trump wanted to spend on infrastructure projects. Trump was contemplating $ 1500 billion, but he couldn’t implement this plan. Billions have been spent on construction projects, but not at the scale he would have liked.

Caliph Joe Biden also wants to build and renovate. He will get help from well-known American businessmen and the business community. They will help out A number of proposals.

You will succeed this time

Biden is likely to succeed this time, says Rabobank economist Philip Marie. Trump had the problem that his party saw nothing in his expensive project. “Republicans want it, but not that huge amount that goes into it. Trump was actually in the wrong party.”

The Democrats, Biden’s party, love him. The economist said, “They want to spend money on infrastructure and now they have the majority of power. That is why I think it will succeed this time.”


Mary says the investment is essential, too. There is late maintenance. The ways that To collapseAnd the explosion of pipelines. One-tenth of the American bridges will be defective.

It needs to be done now, just not for safety. “Also for logistics. When bridges collapse, travel times increase and that is bad for the economy.” It also creates jobs. “It’s good for employment. Especially in an epidemic period.”

What if Biden takes too much financial risk of $ 2,000 billion? “No, under the current circumstances the United States can handle this. Interest rates are now low and they can take advantage of that. They are in a good position for this kind of spending.”

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Dutch builders

It was unclear if the Dutch builders would benefit from the US plans, Bouwend Nederland told RTL Z. “We are not aware of any masons currently working on US projects or who will win orders due to this suggestion from Biden,” the spokesperson said. Richard Maser.

Although according to Maser, there is still enough work to do in your country. “A lot of work has stopped in the Netherlands because of the sewing stick problem. Whereas, as in America, a lot of the infrastructure has to be addressed.”

Concerns about Dutch bridges

Not only does many homes need to be built but a lot of maintenance also needs to be done. Work that Bouwend Nederland members could do. “For example, there are many bridges from the 1950s to the 1970s that really need to be renovated.”

Americans don’t just need to spend money on their infrastructure, says Maser. “Bouwend Nederland is concerned. The projects must really start now. We will also have problems if we keep putting that off ahead of us.”

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