Monica Gossi Sees Her Brother in De Bachelorette: ‘It Looks Weird’

Immediately after it becomes known which guys will take part in the new season of The BacheloretteAnd fans of the show note that 29-year-old Mathis bears a striking resemblance to Monica’s brother. Coincidentally, his name is also Matisse, and just like him The BacheloretteStar lives in Amsterdam.

In a video from Videoland, the presenter confirms that it is not her brother who is trying to win Silvia’s heart. If you understand the confusion. Everyone says all the time: Monica’s brother is involved The BacheloretteYou laugh. It sounds strange. I have a brother named Mattis who looks a lot like him, but who isn’t him.”

However, the two are so alike that Monica secretly gives him some preferential treatment during the recordings. She explains, “I felt comfortable faster because I had an idea: This is my brother.”

Matisse and Monica are no strangers to each other – despite the fact that they are not related. The 29-year-old Amsterdam does it in the first season of Temptation Island: Love it or leave it, which Monica also offers, actually as a seduction. Then he aimed his arrows at the Jedi. It came to nothing, as Jaydi left the show in love with seducer Ricky. Will Matthijs now manage to find love during the programme? In any case, he is not shy in front of the cameras, because in addition to his experience with television, he also works as a model.

The Bachelorette They can be seen every Thursday at Videoland.

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