Monique and Gert-Willem Omroprobe in the documentary series ‘What Can You Do?’

A signature, photo or spontaneous meeting and greeting. The stars of the TV series ‘What Can You Do?’ It is now used for this from the Omrop Proband. So the TV show they are starring in is an absolute success. Viewer Statistics Seven clients of a maintenance organization called SDW in West Praband, they follow behind the camera at important moments in life.

The series features Monique (53) from Steinberg and Gert-Willem (49) from Bergen-op Zoom. Monique is fully immersed in her singing career, while Kert-Willem takes the big step to live on her own. Both participants experience success. “I get a lot of good reactions from acquaintances, even from Australia,” says Gert-Willem.

Monique finds herself excited from time to time, but in general is fun to look at herself. “Then I think: Wow what a piece. I think I’m brave to dare to do that.” Her supervisor Esther fully agrees with her. “We’re so proud of Monique. You have Martian Mayland, Franz Boyer, Marion Weber and Monique on the same list as I do now. ”

The TV series offers a unique perspective on the lives of people with disabilities and focuses on what they can do. According to supervisor Ike von Kert-Willem, the TV series provides a good picture of how things work in practice. “Everything is very recognizable. I’ll see how he works here, you can see it on TV. So the nerves are weird for Gert-Willem.” Just, good quality balls. ”

Monique and Gert-Willem are highly recognized on the street and they love it so much. “I want to become famous and create a project with Johnny de Mol,” says Gert-John. Monique sees her future as a singer. Cyp van der Block wants to sing again with the singer. But for now ‘What can you do?’ He is enjoying success in the film.

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“We’ll always be watching with the whole group. We’m having a party every Thursday evening. We’ll always be sorry when it’s over,” said Supervisor Esther.

“What can you do?” It airs every Thursday at 5:50 pm on the Omrob band. Chapters are repeated every hour of the week.

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