Monster Hunter Rise review – buy, budget or wreck?

Time for Daan, Jelle, and JJ: They are allowed to go with them Monster Hunter Rise! The Switch was released on March 26th and men have reviewed the game. In this latest installment in the Monster Hunter series, you can destroy monsters and travel to new heights! Curious about what Gamekings thinks? Then check out the video quickly!

We’ve been waiting for a while

Waiting Monster Hunter Rise On the switch is continuous for a while. As early as possible September 2020 Reports have emerged from this address. Successor to Monster Hunter World from 2018. Curious about reviewing this game? check it out Here! To be able to play Rise you need to have a Switch (or in 2022 from a PC), but as you’ll soon see, if you have this console, you definitely are a great game. To refresh your memory, we’ve included the trailer below so you know what to expect.

Monster Hunter Rise review: new addition

Waiting three years to get a new game is of course some time. Unless you compare that to something like Half Life 3 – it’s true again, by the way Newsletter Featured around – so it’s not so bad. In any case, the previous game involved a great deal of development. For example, DLC was also released for Monster Hunter World, with an eye-catching name Iceborne. Moreover, we, of course, won’t reveal more about what Daan, Jelle and JJ thought about the game. So you really have to watch the video which you can of course find on the thumbnail. Can’t get enough of our reviews? We understand you. Check out our Perl review here It takes two!

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