Moon is not amused by her ex-boyfriend Tony Jr’s “Panties Gate”

Now you’re thinking: What does a thong glitter do over Tony’s bed and why does it spread? you’re not the only one. It goes like this: Monday is a picture of the pants in question – as the DJ calls them – from the next episode of Rooijakkers above ground. Tony kept the white thong after the last time they were together. Because of the rose on the hip, Maan wore it specially for him at that time.

The rose has a special meaning for them. “When we broke up, she once bought me those pants because we had a song together: ‘I’ll give you a rose for me.’ Tony decided he wanted to keep the thong, framed it over his bed and before he knew it he said ‘yes’ to an interview with Art on TV, who enters His bedroom unabashedly pissed Maan off a lot, it seems.

On the Twitch streaming platform, Tony tells his viewers that his ex-girlfriend is not happy that he revealed this. “She doesn’t seem to like it very much,” he says. “She just wanted to call me,” after which he jokingly adds, “She’s crying but laughing.”

The red rose took on a whole new meaning for Tony after participating in the BSC. The high-profile love program earns him countless romantic dates, but the relationship with Julia ‘winner’ – from whom she gets the most red roses – doesn’t last in the end. In the video below, he’s featured once again at the illustrious reunion after returning home.

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You can watch the interview with Tony Jr. on Thursday at 9:30 pm Rooijakkers above ground.

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