More and more women in sciences (legal)

The Netherlands is also gradually getting closer to reversing the female to male ratio in society. who appears from Figures from CBS† In the 2020/2021 academic year, 50.1 percent of PhD graduates were women; Previous year 49.7. In absolute numbers: 2,612 women compared to 2,607 men. So it remains neck and neck.

Legal Sciences

The exact number of women with PhDs in law is not clear from these CBS numbers, now that they are included in the JAMA study group, along with social sciences and business administration. In this category, the number of women earning a PhD in 2021 was 52%, which is a drop (but still significantly higher than the 30.5% in tech).

More in the barrel

Although the above figures do not yet provide an accurate picture of legal sciences, many other statistics indicate that the share of women in legal sciences is increasing. In 2021, for example, nearly one in three law professors was female, a share, for example, twice as high as in economics.

PhD students

In 2020, the proportion of women law graduates (who still had to complete their thesis) was 63.1%. Only the range of behavior and society scores is (slightly) higher. This means that legal sciences promise an increased feminization in the coming period. to me The same dates The majority of faculty members in law schools are female: 52.3%.

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