More bike space, wider thresholds and sidewalks

Zeestraat is undergoing a major redevelopment that will connect the street to Star cycle route Scheveningen . village, a road that runs through Scheveningseweg. This means that the current street scene will undergo a transformation in which much of the asphalt will disappear, according to City council plans. The area should also be more in line with From the palace to the palace.

“Now the road is still strewn with asphalt, and as a cyclist, you don’t always feel safe, which is why we’re going to change this,” he said. Alderman Robert van Astein (D66). The city council wants through its plans to achieve a “bicycle-friendly route to stimulate bicycle use”. Partly for this reason, the maximum street speed will reach 30 kilometers per hour.

With the redesign, Zeestraat should better connect with Noordeinde, which was redesigned in 2018. “This will bring the inner city atmosphere over the North City Canal.” The street is already part of From the palace to the palace And with the re-design it should contribute to a “tourist and cultural walking path from the Nuremberg Palace, through Nordende and Zeestraat in the direction of Fridespalais”. In Zeestraat itself you will find the Panorama Mesdag and the Museum of Sound and Vision The Hague.

A crossing, including a pedestrian island, will be added across Lan van Merdervoort to improve safety. Zestrat itself will have clinker pavement instead of the existing asphalt, the road will be narrowed and the pavement will be wider. In addition, there are speed bumps on the street to slow down the speed.

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Work is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

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