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The Board of Directors approved the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) for the management and maintenance of public spaces. This strategic asset management plan demonstrates how managing public spaces contributes to an attractive city.

A city to live, work, rebuild, and what is necessary and financially feasible to continue to do so well into the future. Insights that will assist in the consideration of solutions in the new term of office.

Ask Almeerders what they value in the city and they will tell you that green spaces and water are always nearby and that there is fast and safe infrastructure with bus lanes, bike paths and separate lanes. These and other characteristics of the public space in Almere are of great importance for a pleasant life, work and recreation here.

But the retention of these values ​​for the city does not happen by itself. Hilde van Garderen, Alderman for Public Spaces Management: “Imagine you bought a washer, dryer and refrigerator at the exact same time. These products are about fifteen years old. This means that in about fifteen years you will have to replace all of them at once. Provided you keep it clean and maintained.If a product breaks early, it pays to be prepared for it.The same goes for our public space.

Almere is a young city in which almost all parts of the public space were erected at the same time during construction. Old parts of the public space are already being replaced and many more things will follow in the coming years reaching the end of their lives. The strategic asset management plan is forward looking and has calculated that maintenance and replacement costs will increase on average each year. In 2030, approximately 23 million additional euros will be needed and in 2050 nearly 44 million euros more than we spend on public spaces this year. The plan describes possible solutions and a financing option that together will allow the maintenance budget to be increased in line with the increasing maintenance needs of public spaces.

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In addition, the city faces significant challenges. Climate change, city growth, evolution towards circular and sustainable preservation of green and blue character. Topics that ask to look forward. A strategic asset management plan helps to look ahead with more insight and make optimal use of resources. By taking those much needed actions in public spaces that contribute more to the city and its residents.

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