More international trains in 2022

More international trains in 2022

ProRail will provide more space for international trains on Dutch railways in 2022. From April, the new European carrier Slipper will be able to operate night trains from the Belgian port city of Ostend via Berlin to Prague. In the Netherlands, the train stops at Roosendaal, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, to cross the border via Hengelo and vice versa. The train service is included in the new timetable for all railway companies on the Dutch rail network.

ProRail also freed space on the track for a second Nightjet, operated by NS International and foreign carriers OBB, DB and SBB. At the moment there is a Nightjet flying to Austria at night. Whether the second night train to Zurich, Switzerland will run next year is still a topic of debate between NS and partners.

green deal

ProRail is very happy with the new international train services. With each additional international train, the odds for travelers to choose the eco-friendly train over the car or plane increase. European railways will play an important role in achieving the EU’s climate goals. If it were up to the European Commission, passenger transport by high-speed trains and rail freight would double by 2030. So ProRail is working hard to achieve this goal. With the new destination in Switzerland, we are taking the next step in that direction. Many other destinations are easier to travel through Switzerland. Think fictional cities like Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome.


Leave ProRail do a search In the traces of 2,400 potential train lines within Europe. This was done to illustrate the potential and climate impact of the train as an alternative means of transport for the aircraft on specific routes. For these connections, we had CO2 emissions and travel time compared to those of the plane. In addition, the possible replacement of air traffic by train traffic was examined.

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Capacity Distribution

As an independent party, ProRail allocates the available space on the track. It is a great mystery every year to divide the available space by 7,000 kilometers of track and over 400 stops. In 2021, 35 passenger and freight carriers gave us their wishes for the coming year, including the new carrier European Sleeper.

Intensive Consultation

Rail Administrator ProRail sets capacity allocation in August of each year. This happens after a period of extensive planning and counseling. Then carriers plan for trains and employees to enable the schedule on the track. The new schedule comes into effect in December of each year.

international train traffic

In addition to the new services, there are daily trains to Brussels, Paris (Thalys), London (Eurostar) and Berlin. IC Brussels goes to and from the Belgian capital sixteen times a day. Due to the introduction of the ten-minute train between Rotterdam, Schiphol and Arnhem, the final destination for trains in the Netherlands has been aligned; All 32 trains via HSL will run to and from Amsterdam Central from December 2021. This means that the four terminals per day at HS The Hague will be gone from next year. In addition to these regular trains, there is also the Alpen Express (railroad experts) in the winter months, which runs from The Hague HS via Leiden, Haarlem, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Venlo to Zell am See in Austria. Alps.

look to the future

In addition to the annual timeline, ProRail is also looking at what the timeline could look like, for example, 2030 (or future). For example, with our fellow infrastructure managers from all over Europe, we are looking at how to improve the international train more attractive can make.

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