More living space, green spaces and energy: designing an environmental vision, quality ready

More living space, green spaces and energy: designing an environmental vision, quality ready

Quality – Draft environmental quality vision is available for inspection. An environmental vision deals with the question of what Jawda will look like spatially in the future, what physical developments we see in the city, what opportunities and challenges exist and how Jawda wants to deal with them. Alderman Tetteroo: “The environmental vision was developed recently with residents, organizations and entrepreneurs.

With this vision, we ensure that Quality remains a fun place to live, work and rebuild. I look forward to sharing feedback from the city! Aldermann van Vogt is also satisfied with the result: “Space is rare in quality. Strong choices with broad support and an eye for the city’s cultural and historical structures are essential in the coming period.”

In the environmental vision, guidance is given by 5 quality spearheads, namely; Preserving the historic city, sustainable urban development, promoting a pleasant living and living environment, promoting health and maintaining a strong economy and regional prestige. In order to solve these problems, choices must be made. This presents the municipality sometimes with dilemmas. There are many good ideas, but space in the city is limited. For example, the extra space required for housing, climate/green space and energy also means less space for other functions, unless creative solutions are found for it. The tasks and choices Judeh made can be seen in the environmental vision of design.

The municipality developed a vision with the city. For example, there have been (digital) meetings with interest groups, business associations, neighboring municipalities, and neighborhood and district representatives. The municipality has also entered into discussions with Gouwenaars about the choices to be made and about the final direction of the environmental vision. The municipality also requested the residents’ opinion via the “Gouda Thinks Me” app. Finally, the input previously provided by the population on Future Vision 2019 was used.

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Draft Environmental Vision is available for inspection from October 14 to November 24. The environmental vision and accompanying report on the plan and the environmental impact is To view online. Once the responses are processed, the environmental vision will be presented to the city council in early 2022.

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