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It appears that more international students from outside the European Union will be taking classes at Maastricht University (UM) this academic year.

According to Koen Augustijn spokesperson, this is evidenced by the provisional registration numbers for the 2021/2022 academic year.

outside the European Union
Last year, about 700 international students from outside the European Union were registered at the university, and this year it is expected that there will be around 800 students. Augustijn stresses that the numbers can change. “Something always changes in the first weeks,” he says.

It is not yet known exactly where the increase is due. However, it does not cause a shift in the proportion of foreign students in the university. The percentages remain the same compared to last year. About 45 percent of enrolled students come from the Netherlands and 55 percent from abroad.

Britain’s exit from the European Union
However, there is a clear shift in the countries from which international students come, says Augustin. For example, registrations from Germany and Belgium are currently low. “The number of students from the UK has fallen sharply, as would be expected after Brexit. For British students, studying in Europe has become much more expensive.”

However, the number of applications from other EU countries has increased. For example, more students are applying from southern Europe, especially Spain and Italy. This can also be attributed to Britain’s exit from the European Union. “Studying in England has also become much more expensive for students from EU countries after Brexit,” explains Augustin. Therefore, an alternative within the EU can be selected more quickly.

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more students
The total number of registrations this year is slightly higher than last year. “We are expected to reach approximately 22,000 students this academic year. Last year there were 20,359 unique students enrolled at UM.” But these numbers are rounded and provisional, Augustin asserts. The balance can only be terminated after a few weeks.

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