More peace of mind: Caroline’s cleaning coach will help you in the new year

Caroline Birchtaker is a cleaning coach and budget coach. It helps people bring more structure and outlook to their families. This provides more calm and space in the home, but especially in your head. This gives you more time to spend fun things.

This article was written by Stephanie Van Wijk.

Caroline started working as a coach nearly three years ago. After caring for the kids at home for several years, she felt there was room and time to take things by herself. She decided to look where her talents lay and then quickly knew the direction she wanted to take. “I often saw a cleaning practice in the media a while ago and immediately felt it suited me,” explains Caroline.

Poured with a spoon

“It’s genetics to be busy with structure and tidying up. My grandmother was the same. In the process I learned what I saw in it. As a young girl I felt great to have a tidy room. It gives me peace of mind.”

Coronavirus, Carolyn admits, is a little trickier, but she usually comes to her clients’ homes. Then she works with the coach. Karina also rolls up her sleeves. “When someone needs help, we first set an appointment for a no-obligation admission interview. Because I want to properly assess the situation, I always go to the people.”

‘A stylish home is never the real goal’

Administration under microscope

Then we discuss what I can do. Because I’m also a budget coach, I always check management. I make a business plan based on the entrance interview. A tidy home is never the real goal. It’s mainly about peace of mind, which creates space for other things. “

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“What I see a lot is that people haven’t learned how to run a family from home. I notice this especially in the younger generation. They are often busy with work and family. Society also requires a lot, and then you see people are stuck. Then it builds up and they can no longer see the outlook.”

College or disease

“But there are also people who can no longer get home because of illness or people collecting everything. Actually, one rule applies to every customer. It’s old fashioned, but still it is: peace, cleanliness, and orderliness. If you use that, then you are in the end. Create relaxation. “

According to Caroline, it’s a misconception that a tidy home equals a sterile home. “We also have clutter in the house. The train path through the living room or parties in the garden or the overnight stay when we eat: everything is possible. But there is a certain foundation that gives us the structure. Everything has its own place, which allows us to create an overview. That way you don’t have to.” Really into thinking about it and everything will be more automatic. “

Separate container for everything

“That makes it very tidy after party, for example. Quickly run through it in the evening and then drop onto the sofa with tea and crochet. We teach our kids that too. Playfully we’ve included them in this. There is a basket for Lego, a basket for coloring pictures and a container for Doblo, by . They know they have to clean their old things first if they want to play with something else. “

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Caroline offers a number of tips to start the New Year with peace of mind. “What I often see with people who want more structure and the look is that they set the standards very high. Think small-scale and take up one shelf in the closet first. Don’t try to arrange an entire closet or even a room right away. By taking it in small steps, you keep going That. “

Buy less!

“Don’t be shy to ask for help, because we are here to help each other. It also helps to buy less things. For example, look at what you already have in stock. Look at the data and get rid of what is no longer good. Clean it up and put everything back in some way.” organisation “.

“Pasta with noodles and soups with soups, adjust shopping accordingly. So make sure everything has a permanent place. Creating patterns also helps. For example, always arrange before eating. Every situation is different of course, but the foundation remains the same.”

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