More room for Hoevelakense Bos

Hoods The recreational pressure on the Hoevelakense bos is great. This is why Nijkerk municipality, Amersfoort municipality and Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen (GLK) will plan more space for Hoevelakense Bos.

The development vision “Ons Hoevelakense Bos en Surroundings” indicates where the bottlenecks are and what directions are possible for a solution. In the past period, Geldersch Landscape & Kasteelen (GLK), the municipality of Amersfoort and the municipality of Nijkerk worked on an interim implementation plan. “This plan is the first step to redesigning Hoevelakense Bos. It’s about preserving and developing the properties of the Hoevelaken forest as well as being able to satisfy residents’ desires to use. Of course in a wide circle around the forest. The vision provided the building blocks for resolving disputes between the two.” Says local councilor Wim Ostervik “We will now try to really understand those building blocks.”

The area indicated in the vision is located on the territory of the municipality of Amersfoort and the municipality of Niger. GLK Landgoed Hoevelaken and other personnel own land here. Peter Van den Toel, Director and Director of GLK: “We believe that protecting the nature and cultural history of the Hoevelaken property is very important. We want better coordination of access to the area and different forms of use, while respecting the values ​​of the estate. “

expansion The development vision contains all kinds of possible measures. The three parties discussed what they could contribute to the goals of expanding and strengthening Hoevelakense Bos. By giving user groups their own place, more space for recreational use will be created throughout the region. Landgoed Hoevelaken will become the jungle for recreational hiking. For parking, for walkers with stray dogs and cyclists (North-South connection), a space is created outside the property.

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Challenges In the coming period, the two parties will work on a design plan. They face various challenges in this regard. For example, constant attention must be paid to consistency: one action cannot be performed without the other. The precondition for discontinuing a recreational function is that a substitution or substitution has been fulfilled. Moreover, a common approach is needed. The reasons for achieving the Implementation Plan are not all in the possession of GLK, the Municipality of Amersfoort and the Municipality of Niger. Different managers and owners also have their own role and approach.

The municipality says it is not yet clear which parts of the plan will actually be realized. In the coming period, the interim implementation plan will be developed into a design plan. All parties want to start work in phases from 2022 onwards.

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