More room for lab-grown meat experiments in the Netherlands

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Mosa Meat allows the organization of tastings of farmed meat. A new law recently passed by Parliament makes this possible. that reports 1 Limburg

Mark Post of Maastricht University introduced the first cultured hamburger in 2013. This hamburger was grown in the lab from a few muscle cells of beef. Over the past nine years, Mosa Meat has invested in the development and improvement of cultured meat.


Due to the legislation, tasting it has not yet been allowed. in 2019 Then Minister Carola Schutten said: Cultured meat is a new food and must be ordered from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In 2020, the House of Representatives called for an action plan for farmed meat. According to the Chamber of Deputies, Dutch companies are leading the way in developing this product, but that position is under pressure due to legislation. There is now more space here.

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Post 1Limburg tells that this makes it possible to organize tastings under strict conditions. “We had to wait for approval from the European Authority for the Safety of Food Products and Consumers before we would even allow anyone to taste anything. I expect we will be able to do a number of small tests by the end of this year.”

farmed meat

According to cultured meat producers, cultured meat is one way to continue feeding the world’s growing population. It is more sustainable. Few cells are needed for production. This means less livestock and therefore less pressure on nature and the environment. It is also better for animal care. Animals must not be slaughtered.

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source: 1 Limburg

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