More Russian tanks reported in Ukraine evacuated in the east

In Ukraine, the authorities reported the movements of more Russian tanks and other armored vehicles in different regions of the country. They were spotted in the so-called Lugansk People’s Republic, among other places. Ukrainian border guards also saw Russian ground forces in the cities of Kharkiv and Chernyshev.

Reuters news agency reported that Kiev was subjected to new missile attacks. Eyewitnesses say they heard an explosion. Adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky talks about a new wave of attacks. Foreign Minister Kuleba talks about a Russian attack with full force from several sides.

Reporter Kees Van Dam reports that an evacuation has been hastily prepared in the east of the country. From Kiev, Van Damme said residents of the areas around Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa were being evacuated “with everything moving”.

President Zelensky declared martial law in the country. He says that Russia launches missile attacks on the infrastructure in his country and border guards. He also reported hearing explosions in several cities. at video message He called people not to panic.

No danger to civilians

at unexpected words President Putin announced on Russian state television a military operation in the Donbass region. “We decided to launch a special military operation,” he said. Russian media reported that the Russian Defense Ministry denied carrying out air strikes on Ukrainian cities. Only military objectives will be attacked and the civilian population will not be endangered.

According to the Russian expert Hubert Smeets, many targets are hit throughout Ukraine, and also for no apparent reason. “So not only in the east or on the Russian border, but also in the west,” says Smits in the newspaper Radio NOS 1 News† “An example is the city of Uman, where there is a famous Jewish memorial. It was hit by a grenade or a missile, but it is not clear why: this is a place of absolutely no military significance.”

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According to Smiths, this is an indication that the missile attacks may also be intended to sow fear. “It’s not just targeted attacks on military targets. The homes of ordinary people were also bombed. So it’s really not surgical, as Putin and the Kremlin claim.”

Explosions have been reported in these cities so far:

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