More space for flowers and bees in Wijchen

Wijchen – “Wijchen municipality has a lot of green space and we mow the lawn on the edges a lot. To ensure greater biodiversity, we will maintain ecologically green areas. This means that there will be more green spaces with many different wildflowers. And because this gives the residents a different picture and they have to get used to it, this year the municipality will start first with the ledges along the main roads,” according to the municipality.

First, the ledges are along Randweg Noord, Westerdreef, Stationslaan and Zuiderdreef. The municipality also includes green spaces in the Oosterpark with this new method of green maintenance. In these places, residents will see more flowers, taller grass, and herbaceous plants.

“It has many advantages to dealing with our green spaces in a more nature-friendly way. More different green spaces attract insects. Insects attract birds and those birds fight back the annoying oak parade caterpillar. And we must not forget that we are getting increasingly heavy rain. Rainwater can to get into the ground more easily at these natural edges,” says Paul Luermans, a local council member for the Department of Environment, Nature and Landscape.

Road safety comes first

Edges with raised green spaces should not cause unsafe parking in traffic. At intersections, the municipality keeps the berm short. The municipality also ensures that there are no green spaces hanging on bike paths near bike paths. Loermans: “Road safety comes first. Intersections should remain clear and cycle paths should be easily accessible. It should not become slippery there because of the greenery that has grown over the bike path and sticks to the road surface due to rain.”

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no discounts

Environmental maintenance of roadsides is certainly not a downgrade. Dealing with greenery in this way costs more money. This has several technical reasons. Think dredge trenches. It should be removed from now on. At first it could have stayed in place. Also, the clips can no longer stay in place. This should be removed to ensure that the desired flowers, herbs, and herbaceous species grow there.

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