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Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte said during a news conference Monday evening that infection and hospital numbers have been “stable at a very high level” for weeks. So the Cabinet sees no room for grand relaxation at the moment. However, a number of measures will be modified, because according to the government, this is “logical and reasonable.”

For example, children up to the age of twelve, unless they have a cold, can return to swimming and swimming lessons starting March 16th.

The rules for outdoor sports are also being expanded further. Two weeks ago, the Cabinet announced that young people up to the age of 27 would be allowed to play sports together again. People 27 years of age or older are now allowed to exercise outside again in groups of a maximum of four people and at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Appointment shopping is another procedure that is being expanded. So far, stores were only allowed to take two customers per floor, but this will be revised from March 16th for larger stores.

Stores of up to 50 square meters can still receive a maximum of two customers at the same time. With more space, one customer can now enter an additional 25 square meters. However, there is a maximum of fifty clients.

In addition, the tight travel advice will be extended until April 15th. Rutte hopes to be able to provide a perspective for May Holiday and possibly even Summer Break during his next press conference on March 23rd.

Vaccination provides more scope for nursing home visits

Outgoing Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health) announced that residents of nursing homes who have been vaccinated may once again receive two visitors. This could also be several people a week.

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In addition, the current package of measures will be extended until March 30. It also means that the curfew will remain in effect. This is valid until March 31 at 4.30 AM.

correction: A previous version of this article mentioned that supermarkets may receive 1 additional customer per 50 square meters starting March 27th. This turned out to be incorrect and has been modified in response to the information on

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