More space for shared green scooters in Dordt: ‘People demand it’ | Dordrecht

In recent months, the number of scooters has increased from 75 to 110. Service areas have also been expanded, so that there are now more places downtown to park scooters. But there is also more space at Stadspolders, where parking was previously only possible at the station. “Service areas were added because more residents asked us about sustainable shared transportation,” a spokesperson said.

Where previously there were blue license plate scooters – where a top speed of 25 and a helmet is not yet necessary – there are now many scooters with a range of 45 kilometers. A helmet is required for this. It is simply present in the scooter, but that is why other people use it all day long.

Go Sharing has several reasons for this choice. “It’s about the range of bikes and scooters that we distribute among the different municipalities. We want to use the moped mainly for longer distances and the scooter for shorter distances. We are also investigating how we want to set up the municipality’s bicycle / scooter division. On January 1, 2023, the helmet requirement comes and we don’t know yet what users need most. We also want people to get used to wearing a helmet.”

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