More space for solar panels in municipal monuments


Placing solar panels on municipal monuments on backyard and flat roofs shall be possible without a permit. The requirement is that the panels are not visible from the public road. This is stated in the proposal for a new heritage law for the municipality of Utrecht, which is submitted by the municipal executive to the city council. The new Heritage Law replaces the Monuments Regulations from 2010.

An environmental permit is required to make changes to the monument. In the new regulation, the installation of solar panels that are not visible from the public road is now without a permit. In doing so, the municipal executive fulfills the starting point of the coalition agreement to facilitate making protected monuments more sustainable.
With the new law, the same rules now apply to municipal monuments as to national monuments. For example, municipal monuments will no longer need a permit to carry out regular maintenance and make changes to the interior without huge values. Property owners who do not know whether a permit is required can contact the municipality. Just as in the case of national monuments, the maintenance obligation will soon apply to monuments protected by the municipality. This provides the opportunity to take enforcement action if a memorial is neglected.
The procedures for mapping monuments are clarified in the new regulations. From now on, interested parties can nominate a building to the municipal executive as a protected monument by the municipality. The Board then decides whether to initiate the appointment procedure. The interested party itself must have the necessary cultural-historical research carried out to prove that the building also has genuine cultural-historical value.
The website of the municipality of Utrecht will announce when the new heritage regulation will come into effect. Until then, the current Antiquities Ordinance 2010 is in effect. Antiquities owners who wish to be informed of this can register for the Heritage Newsletter by sending an email to [email protected]

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