More space for sustainable energy in the region

Zwolle – The idea is to group various energy projects on the edge of Hessenpoort in the coming years. There is room in this energy group for two substitutes for natural gas: hydrogen and green gas. There is also room for more capacity and stronger power grids. This will, for example, allow large solar surfaces to be connected again in the future.

Enexis Netbeheer, TenneT, Overijssel county and the municipalities of Dalfsen and Zwolle are investigating the possibilities of a regional power pool near Hessenweg. “Development of the Heissenport Energy Cluster is highly desirable. A place like this, where the various initiatives are pooled, is a good example of the collaboration required to achieve the energy transition goals,” explains Zwolle Alderman Monique Schottenbld for Energy Transition. Alternatives to natural gas, such as green gas and hydrogen, are urgently needed because we are all forced to phase out and want natural gas by 2050. Expanding and strengthening the power grid is essential to be able to address the additional sustainable electricity ever generated. This creates much-needed space on the power grid to deliver green electricity to the right place. Much of West Overijssel is now closed. If this power set becomes possible, it will help achieve Zwolle’s power goals, as well as those of Dalfsen, Staphorst, and Zwartewaterland. It also provides sustainable gas as a fuel for clean transportation and as an alternative to Groningen’s natural gas. He will soon be able to heat thousands of homes. In this way we contribute together to a more livable city and region.”

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gas alternatives

The energy group will include an energy center that converts sustainably generated electricity into hydrogen and a green gas industrial facility. Hydrogen is of particular interest to transportation (heavy duty) and businesses in the region. Green gas is a good alternative to natural gas for older buildings, such as in downtown Zwolle.

Tijs de Bree, Overijssel Regional CEO: “We are delighted with the arrival of this energy group, which allows us to take another step forward. Grid enhancement is essential to achieving regional renewable energy goals and initiatives for solar and wind energy. Industrial green gas installation ensures that green gas is produced by fermentation of biomass, such as manure and agricultural residual products. Hydrogen production contributes to balancing an important regional network and regional hydrogen demand. In this way, together with partners, we contribute to the energy transition of Overijssel.”

Expand the capacity of the power grid

TenneT and Enexis Netbeheer are building a new high-voltage substation together. The new plant contains a 110 kV high voltage substation from TenneT and a 110/20 kV medium voltage substation from Enexis Netbeheer. TenneT and Enexis Netbeheer are also expanding the existing terminals in Hessenpoort. New buildings and expansions are necessary to be able to address the current and projected increase in electricity generated sustainably through the electricity grid. As well as to enable developments in sustainable energy. Like more solar panels on the roofs and stables of the company.

Feasibility study

The Energy Group’s preferred location is the vicinity of the Hessenpoort business park. This is behind Rova and the area on either side of the northbound railway. It is in line with the existing TenneT and Enexis Netbeheer provision.

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In the coming months, the parties will investigate whether it is financially and technically feasible to create a block here. The parties are also already in talks with local residents and neighboring companies. If all goes according to plan, there will be more clarity by the end of this year about the viability of the power cluster near Heisenport. Then plans are developed.

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