More space for young people with a place to ski in Willem Alexander Park

Photo: gfk DSGN via pixabay

Willem-Alexander Park in the Leidsch-Rhine will have a ski area for various target groups. A design agency that designs a ski place with skiers from Utrecht. The park will also include a play area for dogs, a youth meeting place, goals, benches, bicycle parking spaces, and litter boxes. The ski site will be completed in mid-2021.

The Willem-Alexander Park Extended Park, which is at the top of the A2 Tunnel, will have a ski spot at the northern point between Stadsbaan Leidsche Rijn and Berlijnweg. There will also be a dog play area and a covered youngster seating area. At the request of local residents, basketball poles, football and hockey goals will be installed in the southern part of the park, near the sports fields.
Ski venue residents will receive an invitation to an online informational evening on Tuesday, April 20, when the municipality will explain the plans further.
Teen Spot, the youth pop-up spot on Berlin Square at Leidsche Rijn, will provide space for homes and offices. The youth spot, which includes a rink, has been a temporary use of the area since 2019 until it is built later this year. The rink is widely used, which is why young people, parents and professionals from the neighborhood want a new place to skate. Willem-Alexander Park is a suitable place for this.
Almost 8,000 young people between the ages of 11 and 17 live in Leidsch-Rennes and Floten-de-Mer. This represents over 37% of the total number of young people living in Utrecht. The number of young people will increase in the coming years, which is why the municipality is working to provide more games, exercises and meeting places for children and youth.

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