More space, fresher: a new Albert Haigen Castricum again

Castricum – Albert Heijn reopened today at Geesterduin Shopping Center. Supermarket manager Brigi Maes cut the tape. The supermarket contains the latest concept of Albert Heigen. You’ll find more fresh products like vegetables, fruits, ready meals, breads, meat products, cheese and snacks. The shop also has a sushi bar and the self-check process has been renewed.

“Customers are reacting very positively!” Says supermarket manager Brigi Maes proudly. “The renovation shade within the existing walls, but the smart design makes it more spacious. The moment you enter you see it instantly! Customers are also very pleased with the new interior design and the wide range of fresh products.”


When you enter, you will be immediately surprised by a world of fruits and vegetables. There is a wall with a large collection of spices such as fresh herbs and you can make different types of dessert vegetables yourself. For breakfast, lunch and drinks there is an extra large selection of cold cuts, cheese, sausages, tapas, olives, salads and other snacks. Briggy Maes: “We now have a sushi bar where fresh sushi is prepared on the spot. The bakery has also grown significantly larger. There, different types of bread and rolls come from our own oven and you will find all kinds of cakes, pastries, biscuits and chocolates.”

Inspiration and mobile scanning

AH Castricum can now inspire clients even more. The big screens throughout the store provide information about delicious seasonal products and amazing recipes. All self-checks and manual scanners have also been revamped. “By using the manual scanner or the AH app on your mobile phone, you can scan products in the store and pay quickly at checkout with self-scanning,” said the supermarket manager.

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Albert Heijn Castricum is open Monday through Friday at 7 AM and Saturday and Sunday at 8 AM. As long as a curfew is set, the store closes at 8:45 PM every day. (Photo: Jasmine Hargreaves)

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