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Delta Commissioner Peter Glass visited the affected area in southern Limburg on Thursday, a week after massive flooding.

He was moved by what he found and described it as a flood disaster. Glass wanted to gain impressions of his work at the national level as a Delta Commissioner and Flood Risk Management.

to arrange
“All extremes come to us, from major shortages to floods. We have to organize our country for that,” says Glass.

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‘big change’
Glass says Holland’s design should be looked at carefully. “That could change drastically. Water retention in higher areas, while you need better protection in lower areas,” the Delta commissioner says.

The Delta Commissioner is responsible for implementing the National Delta Program. This program should ensure that the Netherlands is well protected against rising water levels, as well as that the country has enough water in times of severe drought.

level up مستوى
Rep. Lia Roefs (PvdA) believes it’s important to look at what can be done after the flood. “There are all kinds of programs against nuisance and drought. But there is more that needs to be done. We will make a plan for it. It needs to be taken to a higher level. Not only in Heuvelland, but in the whole landscape. Also abroad.” She understands that complete protection is not entirely possible. “But we have to look at the benchmarks again,” Rufus says.

A new task
According to Josette van Wirsch, a member of the executive board of the Limburg Water Council, more space needs to be created for the flows. “This is a new task for us, but it is essential for flood risk management. All governments have to work together in the European region for this.”

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