More space needed for foster children

It’s Monday night and that can only mean one thing: we can enjoy a new episode of Buy Without Watching again. In the second episode of this season, viewers get to see how Paul (33) and Kim (30) hand over the house-hunting to the popular show’s DIY team. Their greatest wish? Room for all the kids that are out there, and all the kids that–maybe–will come.

Buy Without Looking: Paul and Kim

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Paul and Kim have been living together for several years in a rented house in Utrecht. Five years ago, they started looking for a house to buy, but compared to the then wish list, it looks completely different. Although it was already difficult to find a suitable home for two, the couple is now looking for a home for at least five: three adopted children were welcomed into the family two years ago. It’s time for a bigger place to live.

Children’s space
Assignment for Alex? Find a house around Utrecht, with at least 4 bedrooms, and preferably 5-6 bedrooms. Kim explains, “Our hearts still run out for more children, and we hope our future home will be too. We hope to live with more than five children in the future. We don’t know how many yet.” Another wish is a spacious basement area. The perfect home setting is De Bilt. All this could cost 600,000, including renovation.

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Doubts about participation

After much searching Alex manages to find a suitable home in Driebergen-Rijsenburg. It’s time to hunt for the known treasure along sold homes. Unfortunately, the tour doesn’t really reassure the couple. “We really came home very disappointed after this road, and also very stressed,” Paul explains in a video message. “After the road, the tension was so high with us that we really doubted the possibility of canceling the sale, with all the risks associated with that,” he told Martin. Fortunately, they decided to continue the adventure anyway.

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Turned into a dream home

After Paul and Kim view their home, it’s up to Bob to turn the existing home into a dream home with the remaining budget. And it certainly worked, with a remaining budget of €95,000. The house will be equipped with plenty of basement space, enough bedrooms and a new bathroom. Having plenty of bedrooms is even more important, now that the two are also expecting a baby. Interior designer Roos can also go wild, as the couple loves lots of color. And anyone who’s even a little fan of Buying Without Watching knows the Roos aren’t averse to some color in the house.

another house

Full of excitement, Paul and Kim drive towards Driebergen-Rijsenburg, where they find an almost entirely new home. “This is so different. Really beautiful,” Kim said. Paul is also visibly impressed and emotional when he sees their new place. When they see the handyman team, they compliment the house. “Every room is a fairy tale,” says Kim. “This is exactly what we like,” Paul adds. Paul and Kim can’t wait to show their kids their new home. Paul: “The response they’d give, that’s it for us. Baby rooms, that’s really worth gold to us.”

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