More space to live and work in De Ronde Venen thanks to regional cooperation

In recent years, De Ronde Venen has worked with 15 municipalities in Utrecht on the Integrated Spatial Perspective (IRP). This vision document describes the challenges that the region will face until 2040 in the areas of living, work, mobility, green spaces, energy and health. The aim is to maintain and improve, where possible, a pleasant working and living environment. Ambitions to build 4,800 homes in De Ronde Venen by 2040 and to expand the Mijdrecht business park by at least 12 hectares are included in the IRP. This strengthens the position of the municipality to achieve its goals in the field of living and work.

The regional approach of the 16 municipalities of Utrecht does not ensure that the challenges are distributed in a balanced way across the region. It also enhances the position of all municipalities with the governorate in achieving ambitions. Aldermann Ren Kron is satisfied with the result he achieved on behalf of de Rond Veenen. “It is very important for the future of our municipality that we have more space to live and work. The IRP supports our intention to build 4800 homes by 2040. For its residents – with special attention to beginners and seniors – and for new families. It offers the possibility of building outside the existing village boundaries under certain conditions. Living and working are inextricably linked. This is why the expansion of the Mijdrecht Business Park with IRP is such an important result. The Midricht Business Park is No. 1 in the region as a site for expansion. This expansion is sorely needed to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary space.”

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The joint lobby of the municipality and businessmen

In 2019, the municipality commissioned a survey of space requirements among entrepreneurs. The survey showed that for a vital commercial complex in Magderecht, there was a need to expand 12 hectares on the north or east side of the present area. So this was an important topic for the municipality of De Ronde Venen in the discussions about the IRP.

Daniel Storm, President of the Industrial Interest Association (VIB) is excited to include the intended expansion in the vision document. “The college, civil servants and the city council are always open for consultation. Our common goal is a healthy local economy, with sustainable developments, opportunities for all, better access and an attractive work environment…all of which contribute to creating a pleasant working climate. The municipality and VIB have worked together in the district In recent years to expand the Mijdrecht business park. It was approved by the city council in mid-2020. The fact that it has been included in the IRP is a great result of the joint lobbying that we have done.”

City councils on the move

An integrated spatial perspective will be discussed in the coming months in the municipal councils of the 16 municipalities of Utrecht. The Rondeveen Council is expected to consider the IRP in November. Once the municipal councils agree to the IRP, agreements will be made with residents, businessmen and social institutions to take over implementation.

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